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My kind of music: //whisper-lovelive yo


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Groups I'm in: (currently all fairly active)
:iconmmmdungeon: :iconhaikyuu-ken: :iconfearisufia:

What I'm expecting to join :iconx-kaleidoscope-x: :iconhitsujicity:

uno divider by RRRAIuno divider by RRRAIuno divider by RRRAI
My current HIT interest that i might share with you
-Lovelive![Favorite char: RIIIN and maki]
-Haikyuu!![fav char:hinata,kageyama,nishiyoma,tsukiyama,and the list goes rlly long]
-fairytail[fav char: natsu,gray, jellal, and the list also goes on]
-Uta no prince sama goddammitIpromisemyselfnottogetintothisshit[fav char:syo]

✖here a link to my tumblr: minty-fresh-toothbrush.tumblr.… too active tho)



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::Commissioning my art::[EDIT]
: Before commissioning any of my art you should read this :
-you can contract me about the commission by notes
- I don't draw furries or anything 18+, I can only draw Chibi characters for commission
-The points goes here at the donation box(i still have no idea how comission widget works)
-If you don't want me to post your comission, please tell me!
-I can let you see the preview of the comission just tell me!
-I'm a nice guy so I can lower a few points for the commission if you ask me nicely
:Waiting list:

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Fullbody Chibi Lineart (+20per extra character)
Merlin by HappyMintTea
Clean lineart owo)b
Full body Chibi Colored (+30 for each extra character)
HQK : Valentine's Cookies by HappyMintTea
Commission: StanXSamantha by HappyMintTea
 sparkle effect is free ^^(might raise the price later)


Leon(other looks) by HappyMintTea
Leon(other looks)
I was bored so I just added a reference for when his jacket are off hahaha
For the group :iconx-kaleidoscope-x:
Hitsujicity application: Lucas by HappyMintTea
Hitsujicity application: Lucas
for :iconhitsujicity: 

Name: Lucas Chrysomallos

 Drysdale sheep

Birthday & Age:
Age: 22
Birthday: July 25

Height & Weight:
185cm/69kg (jackets make him look think but HE NEEDS FOOD ;w; )

participate in the partner system(HE NEEDS A FLUFFY BBY TO MAKE HIM A SANDWICH TAKE CARE OF HIM)

 Calm/Dedicated/gentle/emotionless(a little bit)/straight forward/unsociable/absent-minded
Ever since he was young, Lucas was always clam and collected, often showing little emotion to  things like pranks, jump scare, or surprise birthday  party which can be a bit of a party pooper. He's dedicated to his job to satisfy his customer as much as possible, but still often daydream when working. He's gentle with his customer and anyone else even a delinquent.  He's is never the first one to talk unless he needs something and with be completely direct with you except when he feels awkward. He barely takes care of himself when it comes to health issue

Born in the capital of a foreign land(New Zealand), Lucas lived with his father who own a carpet company and mother who was a carpet designer. As an only child, Lucas spent most of his time playing around with a mechanical items and messing around with his dad's computer which gotten him in quite a lot of trouble .But his father had came to realized later on that Lucas has a passion for technology as he can be often found fiddling with mechanical object to see how it works. Lucas later went to a computer engineering university which he graduate. At first he worked at his father company, but Lucas find no interest to takeover, he wanted to do something independently in work.  He was later suggest by his mother to  move into the small town far from his home, he immediately pack up his things and traveled to Hitsuji City and became the computer Engineer in E-Sheep.

Computer Engineer

Likes & Dislikes: 
+music tap games
+video games
+energy bars
+anything that has to do with technology
+enjoys the pleasure of getting his hair brush by someone else
-getting caught singing
-loud/annoying noise that disrupt his concentration
-spicy food
-summer(hot weather)

Roleplay Information:
RP style: script or short paragraph

RP location:
group chat,skype(Username:HappymintTea- please tell me who you are when your adding me),note

Time zone:

Extra Information: 
-he cannot live without coffee
-he can't cook to save his life
- he never brush his own hair(that's why it never stay absolute shape)
-He's quite good with tap games
-he only wears glasses when he's working
-not as skilled, but he's able fix TVs, clocks,etc that has minor problem
-his coat fur is made out of duck fur no it not sheep wool i think

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EMP-83 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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amy2544 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
ooooooh someone in Thailand :meow: สวัสดีค่ะ! Thanks for the watch!

Are you Thai native or just live in Thailand? :meow: I'm native but I suck so much at Thai class lol
HappyMintTea Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
if you havent notice im also from ruamrudee hehehe -u-'
i came back to thailand 2 years ago so you can imagine my speech -_-;;
I'm in the same grade as tri btw i know him pretty well
amy2544 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Why so many people know who I am but I don't know who they are........ 
You know him pretty well........................ //thinks
So if I find out who the hell is this mysterious Tri, I might also find you? :meow:
HappyMintTea Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha well good luck b( 'v')b
if you have the yearbook for last year, search for his last name  "worachat"
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