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My kind of music: //whisper-lovelive yo


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✖ART AND RP GROUPS YEYEYEYE✖Lucas Chrysomallos Bouncy by hiyadollz
also pls go ahead and talk to me if you want (I'm not really a conversation starter uvu; )

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My current HIT interest that i might share with you
-Lovelive![Favorite char: RIIIN and maki]
-Haikyuu!![fav char:hinata,kageyama,nishiyoma,tsukiyama,and the list goes rlly long]
-fairytail[fav char: natsu,gray, jellal, and the list also goes on]
-Uta no prince sama goddammitIpromisemyselfnottogetintothisshit[fav wait tokiya hhhhhh]
Dangan Ronpa[nanami-chan]
Assassination Classroom[karma ;w;]
Nanatsu no Tazai [king]
✖here a link to my tumblr: minty-fresh-toothbrush.tumblr.… (not too active tho)


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BJBB: Garren Furst [Spade] by HappyMintTea
BJBB: Garren Furst [Spade]
 :iconbjbb: :iconbjbb: :iconbjbb:


“fruits?… I suppose melons are nice”

Name: Garren Fürst
: 19        Birthdate: December 19
: 149cm||ft 4’9        Weight: 45Kg||lb99.2

: F

: nine  of Spade

Occupation: Medic / Cleaner


defibrillator- a tiny machine that sends electrical current to the heart. Can be use to stop a heart beat of a person if overused but the machine has small battery so it can only be use during emergency situation.

syringe - some are fill with medicine while some are filled with toxic chemical that can be found in the local convenient store (bleach, etc)


first aid kit- use to patch up small wounds or minor effect the person might have

power ranger helmet- a helmet designed specially for Garren along with the rest of his friends. Can be use for hiding ears but the item presents the friendship between the 5 of them. The helmet is also a communication device which can be use to talk to the 4 other members with the power ranger helmet




Garren tries his best to be polite and mature to everyone, but as the bond grows between you and him, he reveals all his bad sides to you. Most of the time you can see him as mature boy despite his height. To most people, he’ll speaks politely and tries to give off the best first impression to everyone. When Garren is very delicate to something, he would do what it takes to reach the goal with hopes to no let anyone down with his failures. He always worried about other’s safety before worrying about himself  

Garren tries his best not to let his anger show even though he gets angry very easily. Especially getting into an argument with him which can be a big mess sometimes. He prefers to use words to fight against other people will get easily get knock out from a fist fight. he would not stop unless you agree with him that he’s right and you’re wrong,but for most of the time his friends are able to drag him away before things gets worst. When you to gradually get closer his words becomes more rash and will try to fist fight in an argument which is his ways of showing affection to you



[The Beginning]

    From what his adoptive parents has told him, he was born in the country side of Germany living along with his rabbit gene parents who works in a small clinic for all the poor who couldn’t afford to go to the hospital . As two years passed customers gradually decreases due to most of them moving into the cities to find a better job. Because of that, the clinic has to be shut down and Garren’s parents are left with no job as well. The adoptive parents didn't know why, but they found him lying on the street with heavy fever and unable to move. They took the boy to the hospital and luckily they made it in time before his fever have gotten worse. With their parents no where to be found and the little boy was left alone with no relatives to go to. Rather than dropping him in the orphanage, they took in Garren and raise him themselves

[The life of a lonely boy]

   While living in the mansion, Garren was taught by a private tutor instead of going into a school ,and so he didn’t have any friends to play with. He felt occasionally lonely in the house as his parent were only home late at night and gone early in the morning to work. Although Garren has his own personal maid who plays with him from time to time when he was bored, but he would rather be with the other kids next doors playing in the field.  As years passed by, he became a bit more less sociable due to his parent not allowing him to go outside like the other kids. He began to avoid his parents, argue with them, and wrecked everything in the house. One day, his parents decided to buy him several pets into the private backyard where he could spent his time playing with them. His rebellious act stopped and he began to enjoy being surrounded by bugs, cats, birds, etc. He began to take interest into animal’s body even sometime peeking inside a dead animal’s body and tries to bring it back to life by using the defibrillator to see if it’ll come back to life. His interest began to grow as he also take interest in human body to the point where he asked one of the maid if he could find a dead body to look into. Eventually the parents has taught him a little more about the outside world.

[ France]

One day when Garren reaches the age of 11 , his parent's company has a partnership with another company which force the families to move into France. The family decided to buy a house in the countryside with the neighbors being the other owner of an another company owner who also adopted a twin both with bunny’s ears and tail. At first, there was awkwardness between them, but eventually, they became close friends.

[All United ]

  Five years later after the Garren had met the twins, they all came up with a plan to sneak into the city and explore it. He was uncertain about the safety of his friends ,but his curiosity has grown and decides to go with them as well. While walking through the city, they encounter two foreign bunny kid who were trying to mug the three of them. Because they were bunny kids like them, the three dragged them around the city with them. Meanwhile, the parents discovered that their child was missing and began to search for them. The parents encounter the five of them hanging out in the crowd of people. The parents took five of them all home and punish the three severely. The twin parents decided to take the two homeless bunny in their house and both was tutored to speak english.


   After the several months that befriending the two bunnies, the parents decided it was for the best to take them to Pearson. The two parents did backdoor-dealing and payed laugh sums to the VOLKOV to take the five kids to Pearson. The parents also have choose one of the butler, Alfred as a guardian to look after the 5 child. He helped them choose an apartment big enough for the 6 of them and took care of the chores in the house. With the amount of money that their parents has given them, it was not enough to support them forever. Alfred suggested that all of them took a minor job, so Garren decided to try pet sitting.  Later on the PORSA became more alert to crimes around pearson, it was difficult for some of the bun to keep their job. As for Garren, his job still went smoothly although there has been fewer people coming up to him.


  One day while the 5 buns are doing grocery shopping, Henry spotted a wealthy looking man going into a dark alley and took it as the chance to steal and follows the man to the alley. The rest of the buns chase after him and stops him from causing anymore trouble. Before they could leave the alley way, they encountered some street gangster in their way. They all tried to fight them off but all of them were struggling and some have their bunnies ears exposed. The rich man then jumps into the battle before the five bun got even more injuries and easily defeat the gangster with his bare hands. After saving the buns, the rich man reveals his bunny ears. Iris suspected something and asked the man if he works for BJBB. The man denied it and walks away, but the five buns still continues to follow the man until he eventually gives up and decides to tell them everything. The rich man was Lea and is one of the members of BJBB and asked them to join the group. With the permission from their guardian, Alfred, they join BJBB hoping that a brighter future awaits them


General Info

+junk food
+bandage with cute designs on them
+biology books
- when someone pinch his cheeks/ holds him up
-horror movie
Trivia facts[more tba]
- dont get him drunk just dont :'^ )


Simon Dahl Lindholm- best bros 4 life #nohomo

Iris Dahl Lindholm- lovely lady with weird hobbies

Sept “Henry” Roux- personal climbing pole

Zhang Kai Xuan- Orange juice drinking buddies
KAL: DOODLE DUMP 2 by HappyMintTea
HHHH doodle i did when i was bored /o/

Leon - me
Mako - Neospice12
Yura - Khione2010
Sky - De-chan08(((hhh finally get to do ur chiba /o/))
Ryan- VictorianOlive
Cailey - niekaori
Elizabeth da chicken- Accelixio
Lily - xArcania
Amelia - cutiepiehotstuff
Amythys - Lancelight

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